Getting all my stuff stolen

I keep having my faith in humanity restored and then thwarted on this trip, when a girl is crying into the red wine she can’t really afford why would you be so meticulous with the measurements, I’d give myself the bottle for free just to shut me up.

My passport, money and cards were stolen in Prague and I became a regular at the British Embassy. There was one point, when I thought I’d actually lost the temporary passport, that I imagined returning to ask for ‘my usual’.

In a lot of ways some stereotypes have been hardened – eastern Europeans have stared at me as I bawled in the reception, Spaniards have screamed at high speed and low understanding of the actual situation and brits have generally made fun of me.

What I’ve realised is that it doesn’t really matter who did what for me. Lots of girls have looked at me, as I puff on my rollie like the badass I’m pretending to be; take a breath and recount my tales of woe and how I overcame them, in absolute awe – I can tell. Yes they would have got their mum to pay for the first flight home and that’s fine, but what can I say, I’ve seen things in my time – nae bother.

Yes seeing that bar lady tip out a couple of ml of precious wine so that I didn’t get too much for my 3 euros was annoying, but if I’ve learnt anything from The Streets it’s that no-one can help you but yourself:

No-ones really there fighting for you in the last garison.
No-one except yourself that is, no-one except you.
You are the one who’s got your back ’til the last deeds done.
Scott can’t have my back til the absolute end,
Coz hes got to look out for what over his horizon.

My opinion on the matter is that if I can afford to give something to someone then I will, maybe that’s why my pre paid card ran out of funds sooner than expected. 

Some practical advice for anyone who might have found this blog through relevant search terms unlike these few below: 

Screenshot 2014-09-03 at 23.22.43


What to actually do if you get robbed and you’re alone and sad and hungry:

  • I’d say sober up but as soon as I sobered up things got a lot more depressing, make your own decision on this one.
  • Usually people would say cancel your cards – I would say don’t do that. If you have Verified by Visa and your pin is safe it’s probably ok for a few hours *not 100% accurate probably but I was fine*. This means that if you have your long card number, expiry date and security code stored somewhere you can still use it to book essential things like trains or hostels. I found that my details were saved in my Google Chrome autofill setting so it was even easier. As soon as I booked my hostel for the night I cancelled the card obvs. 
  • Go to the British Embassy, you’ll need a way of paying for the new passport which was another reason having my card details was useful for a few hours. They’ll sort you out from here but it might take some time, bring a snack and a magazine lol.
  • Go to the Western Union, there should be loads, ask about a prepaid interchange card (if you don’t have time for your replacement card to be sent out to you) This costs 9 euros and you can put cash on it and eventually do bank transfers over to the card if they’ll just ACCEPT YOUR GODDAMN DRIVING LICENSE this is why I was crying into the wine, but generally if you have a way of sending them a copy of proof of address and ID they can do this no problem. 
  • Or you could just online bank some money over to a friend and get them to withdraw it but people who are covered in mascara and haven’t eaten in a couple of days don’t make friends so easily. 

I sent this information to the British Embassy too because I obviously need some good karma with my luck lately and hopefully this helps.

Travel wise for anyone visiting Prague I recommend definitely not going to Roxy club but I would recommend the free tour where you get to see a gnarly dead hand in a church (possible rag).

Budapest was one of the coolest places I’ve ever been, everything seems like it’s coming to life, especially within the cheap as hell ruin bars. The people are awesome and the weather is generally hot, the architecture is beautiful and I had another epiphanous moment of joy sitting in a shaded grass area by the Danube next to a fountain reading the beautiful chapters of Lolita. It was only slightly marred by how much I needed a wee and how much I was considering secretly doing one from within my maxi dress.

I’ve only spent a day in Vienna so far but I think it was a great decision on my part to spend 5 out of 7 remaining euros on my person on watching The Third Man at Burg Kino theatre which is small and cosy and plays it every day with evening performances at weekends. It was also showing The Grand Budapest hotel but you can read my thoughts on that here

Getting all my stuff stolen

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