What do I have?

What do I have? I have a part time job, I have a flat above a shop, I have a cafetiere and a radio.

I have funny stories to tell in pubs and songs I’ll hear that will mean nothing to anyone else but me.

I have someone whose very handwriting makes me swoon, I have a bottle of beer I have half a lump of cheese, I don’t have any bread I have a yeast intolerance.

I probably have some baccy at the bottom of a bag somewhere, I have a best friend – she’ll probably buy some for me in the morning.

I have at least two jumpers that impress the right people, I have four pairs of shoes and I like telling people one of them came from a market in Berlin.

I don’t have a business card – I don’t have a car, I don’t need a business card and I don’t need a car. I’m a part time waitress and my work’s down the road.

I know my favourite wines – white and red – I know what eye make up looks best on me. What more can you expect I’m only, nearly, 23.

What do I have?

One thought on “What do I have?

  1. Hey! Andrew (Walshy) directed me to your blog because he thought it would help me with my own. I just thought I’d say that I think you have a really nice writing style. I think you have a similar tone to me, which is why I love this post so much. We’re all imperfect in some way. I think it’s fab when people write about them honestly. There’s so many pretentious blogs out there. Your posts are a breath of fresh air. Thank you for making me chuckle xx


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